Order the seedlings for the autumn 2014

For our dear customers we have provided the seedlings for the autumn 2014. The seedlings are packed in two-liter containers (C-2), they are two years old and 30-50cm high. These are the bigger seedlings which are the most appropriate for the planting on the open field.

For this year’s autumn season, besides already proven varieties Duke and Blucrop, we offer new American varieties Draper, Liberty, and Huron, which have shown superior features in production. A novelty in this year’s offer is an early new American sort-Huron. The seedlings are produced in Netherlands and interested producers can make reservation of them. Orders can be made by the phone numbers  014/3449-253 i 063/640-045, or by an email: office@prima-borovnica.com

Draper in Serbia

This autumn season, for the first time in Serbia, we import a new American variety of blueberry- Draper. The process of registration has been completed and we have the approval of the Ministry of Agriculture that the variety has been registered here, in Serbia.

The reservations of the seedlings of Draper have been made with our partners in Netherlands and the USA. The seedlings are coming to Serbia this autumn, for sure. Draper should have been imported this spring but, due to certain difficulties, its import was postponed until the autumn.
The variety’s characteristics: Draper comes to picking several days before Bluecrop. With its strong and upright bush it is a highly productive plant. The fruit is light blue, steadily large, very homogeneous, with the firm and crispy fruit meat, small picking scar, strong cuticle, and exceptionally mild sourish flavor. Fresh fruits can be kept 10-15 days longer than other varieties of blueberry, which is its great advantage. Draper is a fruit species whose production and ripening time are such, that they bring a substantial income and profit.

Another new variety in Serbia-Liberty

For the first time we import into Serbia a smaller amount of an, also new, American variety- Liberty. The variety is of a late ripening time and has great natural characteristics. We have decided to make this step in order to extend the bearing season in which we offer fresh blueberries on domestic market, but for the export as well. The experience so far indicates that an excellent price is established in the beginning of picking of the early varieties, but also that the price of blueberry significantly goes up in the end of the picking season, both on the domestic and the European market, at the time when picking of the existing varieties ends. Liberty is, with its ripening time (the end of August, covering almost the whole September) going to bridge the gap on domestic but on the European market as well, reaching a very good price. 
Variety’s characteristics: Liberty is an American plant patent 15146 produced in 2003, on the State University of Michigan. It has a strong and upright bush with the numerous shoots, and it is highly resistant to coldness. Growing on the outside of the bush, the berries may be middle to huge. They have dry picking scar, exquisite blue powder, excellent color and flavor and are easily picked. This variety is very suitable for storing and keeping. It starts to ripen late, not until the end of August.

Huron- the latest early American variety

Besides Liberty, also for the first time in Serbia we import a new early American variety Huron. Prima-blueberry was not only the first to register this variety in Serbia, but it is the first that has the approval to distribute this variety outside the boundaries of the USA, even before the EU. It is a new early variety of blueberry which ripens 1-2 days after Duke, but whose berries are larger and much tastier than Duke’s. 
Similar to Draper, it is a variety with the extended period of keeping in fresh state, from 10-15 days. In comparison to other varieties it can be kept longer in fresh state. It blooms late so it is very resistant to winter frosts. Huron was created on the State University in Michigan (USA) in 2011.

Substrate for the successful blueberry growing

Many years of experience in blueberry growing and a substrate application during the planting have resulted in creating the substrate that has an extraordinary influence on the plants’ development. We have been improving the production of the substrate for years, enriching it with the new components. In this way, we are making the product necessary to blueberry and cranberry plants.

How superior our substrate is and which are the results that can be achieved by using it, shows the example of blueberry plantation in the village Lovci, near the town Jagodina. The soil on which this plantation was raised had pH 7.8 in its water, which was far from good for blueberry growing.  By the agreement with the plantation owner Mr Dusan Zivkovic the substrate was applied, the seedlings were planted on the banks and their progress in the second year after the planting was remarkable.

All this can be seen on the photographs which show this very advanced plantation, raised under the conditions not suitable for blueberry growing.




Plantation in the village Lovci, near the town Jagodina



Plantation in the village Lovci, near the town Jagodina

 Farmers’ Cooperative “Prima-blueberry” also recommends this substrate to producers who own the soil with the suitable pH, but in smaller amounts since it improves the acidity, raises the level of  humus and improves the structure of the soil. These are the three elements which are, apart from water, essential for blueberry growing.



Novelties in the Cooperative

The Cooperative “Prima-blueberry” has not only provided a sufficient number of high-quality seedlings for the autumn 2014, but it is also offering an assortment of the new sorts of blueberry. For the first time on our market we are offering the new varieties of blueberry such as Draper, Liberty, and Huron. We are the first in Serbia who have officially registered these varieties for the market sale. Apart from these new varieties we are also offering those already present on our market – Duke and Blucrop.

We are continuing the final negotiations for the sale of our blueberry on the market of the United Kingdom, Italy and United Arabic Emirates. Since we do not have the capacities that would satisfy the needs of all the three markets, we will decide upon those which are the most favorable for us and our producers.

The Cooperative works intensively on finding out the way for building its own production capacities, building premises for storing and obtaining a machine for automatic blueberry packing. This is a long-term and serious work, but we are going to work on it perseveringly. 

Our products

The Cooperative offers, along with the premium quality of fresh blueberries, a wide range of different packages tailored to the specific markets needs.

 Blueberry for European and Russian market is packed in small plastic containers (punnets) of 125g and 250g. Each transport cardboard box consists of 8 of these small containers.

For United Kingdom market we offer 225g punnets, and transport boxes which can hold 24 such containers.

With the timely agreement, we are willing to provide some other packaging, respecting our customer’s needs.

Each potential customer can be assured of our blueberry quality. Only large, juicy, ripe, firm and undamaged berries can be found in our packages!


Package for the European and Russian market 


Package for the United Kingdoms market